Auto resizable spark TextArea (Flex 4).

Creating auto resizable components is a typical and often not a hard task for developer. But there are some problems with TextArea. TextArea automatically displays scrollers when content is too large. The main suggestion in the internet on how to fix it is to add handlers on textChange event and resize TextArea by number of text lines. But it requires manual work every time you use TextArea, so this approach is not optimal. But there is a way to reskin TextArea to obtain autoresize, this way you’ll just need to apply this skin instead of default (or inherit from TextArea and make this new skin default).

Flex\Flash\AIR vs Silverlight: conquering the land of RIA

We live in interesting times. Rich UI web application development with next generation user interfaces are in increasing demand, and so the great RIA war rages on, with Adobe and Microsoft as major players competing for market prevalence. The competition can be beneficial, as it forces both companies to deliver new versions of their products more quickly, and with increasingly impressive features. This competition, however, also has downsides. It forces companies to rush and sometimes deliver features in raw and incomplete form. They often focus more on new features than on polishing the existing ones. As a result, the changes occur so rapidly that keeping up with the latest developments is nearly impossible. That is why new articles comparing and contrasting the current state of their systems are always useful. Indeed, many such articles have been written before (for example this one or this one), but they quickly become outdated and occasionally fail to include an important topic.

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