Composite WPF (PRISM) and docking

It seems that I've found an easy solution for using every existing Visual Studio-style docking library for WPF (AvalonDock, SandDock, Infragistics xamDockManager etc) with Composite WPF library (aka CAL aka PRISM). The idea is quite simple: to extract visual region handling from CAL code and use CAL regions as a metadata for further processing. As a result we have:

  1. No changes in a specific modules code - they remain as CAL-compliant as they could be.
  2. No changes in CAL sources except UnityBootstrapper class, which is easily separatable from the rest of the library - and should be used only in application-level project anyway.
  3. We could design any complex tabs\panes initial configuration, all views will find their way in GUI.
  4. Dynamic view creation\activation\removal through traditional Composite WPF mechanisms also supported.
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