Music Software Development

Today’s music technology industry is developing at a rapid pace, penetrating all areas of human life, from entertainment to professional audio editing software. More and more modern and challenging music technology projects are developed in the market.

In recent years, Yumasoft has gained extensive expertise in music software and web application development. Our software engineers have acquired specific knowledge pertaining to the music industry, common issues, and users’ needs, which now allows them to successfully deliver even most the most complex music functionality projects.

We offer the following major music software solutions:

  • Solutions for media player (web and desktop) functionalities
  • Web music applications and plug-ins
  • Complex web and desktop music solutions for entertainment
  • Professional music editing applications, digital audio editors
  • Audio recording applications
  • Voice recognition software
  • Media storage web portals
  • Composing and notation software solutions
  • Audio tools for complex projects

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