education software

Educational software is software that is intended for use in teaching and self-learning environments. Yumasoft specializes in rich UI applications and is therefore able to turn complex educational materials into effective educational software. Any knowledge, from text books to test materials, can be presented in the form of software and spread online in order to make education more and more accessible to everyone.

Software development services for the Education industry

block_arrow_small  Courseware

- Educational materials intended for use on a computer, including lessons, tests, and other materials that require online availability

block_arrow_small  Classroom aids

- Educational materials intended for projection onto large boards or running simultaneously on a network of desktop computers in a classroom, e.g. bright flash-animated educational materials

block_arrow_small  Software used in corporate training as well as university and post-graduate education

- Online educational services and systems that allow necessary educational materials to be distributed, results to be collected, progress to be displayed to teaching staff

block_arrow_small  Educational web portals

- Online educational services for every level of education
- Textbooks, educational materials, case study readers
- Generating and taking tests
- Communication systems with teachers and social networking

block_arrow_small  Mobile educational software

- Mobile versions of educational portals for iPhone, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry

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