Yumasoft Teamwork Model For Software Development Process

The Yumasoft team structure and teamwork model provide the most effective way of organizing the development process. We go the extra mile in order to exceed our customers' expectations. We have quality of service in mind during all stages of team creation – from hiring specialists to forming teams for project development.




One of Yumasoft’s most important competitive advantages is the extremely high level of qualification of all employees. This is the result of two unique educational systems – on the one hand the widely recognized Russian university system and on the other hand our corporate internal training system.

The reputable Russian education system is an excellent source of qualified human resources for us. Our engineers not only possess advanced professional knowledge but also a good command of the English language. We can rest assured that all of our employees have a solid scientific skills base and good English communication skills.


Moreover, we believe that our efficient corporate training system provides an yet another important competitive advantage and significantly increases the effectiveness of all development processes. When forming our staff, we hire the best IT specialists and talented young graduates from the best Russian technical universities. To become a part of the Yumasoft team, they must go through Yumasoft's corporate training program. The key points of Yumasoft's internal training system are:

  • g.jpg  Internal coding standards – we proudly enforce a clear and standardized code for our developers and all new Yumasoft team members to ensure consistent working methods
  • g.jpg  Corporate knowledge management system –an automated database that lists the skills and qualifications of all employees and follows a principle of knowledge-sharing. It helps employees approach other employees at any time to ask for advice or to share experiences about decisions regarding unconventional tasks. Another way of sharing experiences is the Yumasoft’s developers’ blog



 Forming teams

At Yumasoft we consider it of vital importance to create the most efficient team for the project development in progress. Every developer has unique experiences, areas of specialization, and skills as well as their own personality and a personal work style. There are three rank levels for programmers: Senior, Mid-level, and Junior developers.

Once the stage of initial mapping and research has been completed, the Project Manager (or a Technical Leader proficient in key project technologies) starts building the team and making decisions pertaining to code accuracy, progress reporting, and schedule keeping. This team leader also makes recommendations on the number of programmers needed for project piloting and delivery of a reliable, high-quality product.

It goes without saying that, when creating the team, we take into account that all developers involved in the project must be qualified in the areas required for that specific project. In addition, we pay attention to such factors as employee’s talents, abilities and personal characteristics in order to form strong, friendly, loyal, and, of course, efficient teams for each project.




We can confidently say that we at Yumasoft know how to make a development team work in the most efficient way possible. The following key factors contribute to this efficiency:

  • g.jpg  Forming a team according to each project's specific requirements and the client’s needs
  • g.jpg  Taking into account the talents, abilities, and personal characteristics of each member when forming the team
  • g.jpg  High level of qualification in each member
  • g.jpg  Quick learning system for new employees
  • g.jpg  Corporate knowledge management system

Our country’s educational system provides us with a solid base on which we collaborate with our employees, acting as a unit to complete your project successfully and meet or exceed your expectations.