Yumasoft Work Models For Developing Software Solutions

Wide experience

Staying true to its mission and business principles, Yumasoft applies its vast experience to every project. We ensure that our IT products and solutions are of consistently high quality by streamlining our organizational processes and our development team, paying meticulous attention to detail, and making use of modern technologies.

Wide Experience Team creation approach

Team creation approach

The Yumasoft team structure and teamwork model provide the most effective way of organizing the development process. We go the extra mile in order to exceed our customers' expectations. We have quality of service in mind during all stages of team creation – from hiring specialists to forming teams for project development.

Client Management

We at Yumasoft believe that managing clients’ needs and retaining their patronage are key factors for business success. We have therefore excelled in building a professional client-oriented company that is capable of quickly and efficiently responding to our clients’ requirements.

System of operating with Clients Project Managment

Project management approach

                     Yumasoft's methodology and project management system can be applied to any IT project. To make the work processes effective and efficient, we follow well-known and established methodologies, use modern project management instruments, and offer flexible ways of project management organization.

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