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Call centers, centralized offices for receiving and transmitting large volumes of requests by phone, are a growing and developing industry. Now work stations for each call center agent include a PC, a telephone set/headset connected to a telecom switch and one or more supervisor stations. They can form networks with additional centers or be linked to a corporate computer network. Since many aspects of a call center rely on IT, the complex structures of modern call or contact centers, inbound, outbound, or blended call centers can hardly be realized without a proper automation system.

Software development services for call centers

block_arrow_small  Network-based Automated Call Distribution (ACD)

- Handling queues, peaks, overload, quality control, incoming call monitoring
- Routing incoming calls to agents on site or to off-site agents
- CRM-PBX integration: allows call management from a CRM interface, for instance for call distribution based on the specific caller information indicated in the CRM

block_arrow_small  Web-based agent workplace

- Allows agents to process calls, e-mails, faxes, and text messages
- Entry and processing of caller information
- Access to statistical information
- Management systems for call center agent scripts
- Integration with shared CRM
- Workplaces for call center agent teams with statistics functionality, other options on demand

block_arrow_small  Web-based manager workplace

- Providing the call center manager with an overview of all current activities
- Recording performance data down to the level of call detail records
- Call statistics in real time: call status, call duration, number of active calls, etc.

block_arrow_small  Workforce management systems

- Differentiation of call center agents by skills, system of access levels based on employee skills
- Error accounting for call center agents
- Automated motivation systems based on errors and successes of call center agents, their scorecards, or performance indicators
- Tickets for errors / feedback / any other questions in internal corporate management systems
- Knowledge management systems

block_arrow_small  Call recording systems

- Network-based call recording
- System options for retrieving records as well as accessing or monitoring calls

block_arrow_small  Reporting

- Real-time and historical statistics and performance reports
- Statistics available online, including service levels, incoming calls, queue time, length of hold time, and abandons

block_arrow_small  Schedule optimization solutions

- Systems that utilize the forecast data, agents’ individual skill profiles, work schedules, and their preferences regarding working hours
- Calendars for planned events
- Automated creation of shifts, shift management

block_arrow_small  Customer relationship management systems (CRM)

- Customer database
- Integration with ACD system
- Customer satisfaction surveys

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