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Working with WCF RIA Services JSON endpoints: some helpful hints

It is well-known that WCF RIA Services can be used for dealing with data not only from Silverlight client. It is possible to call the same DomainService's methods from other non-Silverlight code, for example from jQuery. There is a couple of very helpful tutorials on how to deal with JSON endpoint (for example, articles by Joseph Connolly and by David Rousset), we just wanted to elaborate on some topics that were left beyond the scope of this articles.

Triggers with nested bindable collections - improved version

This is an improved version of solving nested collection's DataContext problem described in previous article.

Triggers with nested bindable collections

Although triggers in Silverlight 4 are bindable, it seems that there are problems with binding of its nested collections, as it was noticed also on a thread on forums. However, collection binding may be useful when you want to create a functionality with infinite number of parameters defined in XAML. Here we discuss possible methods to overcome this limitation.

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