Software Development Services

Utilizing ten years of experience in various fields, Yumasoft is in a position to offer the full software development cycle as well as the following range of services:
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Software development life-cycle services

  • g.png Software product research and development
  • g.png Software architecture design
  • g.png Web & Desktop software development
  • g.png Quality Assurance
  • g.png Migration & re-engineering
  • g.png Software integration
  • g.png Maintenance
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Business automation software solutions

  • g.png Complex custom business solutions with a deep analysis of the company
  • g.png ERP, CRM systems creation and customization
  • g.png Point of sale (POS) systems
  • g.png Document management systems
  • g.png Invoicing software solutions
  • g.png Analyzing and reporting tools
  • g.png Project and goal management software, tracking systems
  • g.png Corporate portals & intranets
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Web solutions

  • g.png Educational systems
  • g.png Informational portals
  • g.png Corporate portals & intranets
  • g.png Highly specialized and complex e-commerce systems
  • g.png Rich UI web applications
  • g.png Software as a service solutions
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Mobile solutions

  • g.png Mobile business solutions
  • g.png Mobile web solutions
  • g.png Touch-screen solutions
  • g.png iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen native mobile applications
We listen. We care. We develop in-house!
software development services

The expertise and substantial experience of our developers allows us to not only develop new applications but also carry out the integration of new software into existing systems (which requires a deep understanding of existing source codes), and to research and develop services that determine more efficient ways of implementing even the most challenging ideas in a programming language.

To ensure that we deliver quality software, we take advantage of our testing lab, where all of our software applications undergo testing and quality assurance. The testers work closely with developers - they share ideas and cooperate to increase process efficiency. Testing is an integral part of any development, and we utilize additional resources in order to guarantee a seamless delivery.

Once we deliver the software, we offer maintenance services that include support, software transition and improvement, software modifications if necessary, migration to different platforms, and even retirement of a piece of software if needed.

Yumasoft also provides migration as a separate service for clients that need to move an existing application (not created by Yumasoft) to another platform or programming language.

We work with very qualified IT professionals and talented junior developers. Team building and the professional growth of each employee are priorities for us. This ensures that we can provide stable, high-quality outsourcing software services for many years to come.

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